How corporate ads are undermining journalism

Source: Washington Post and HEATED

And a national inquiry into the news media’s relationship with power

Andy Hayman — Stefan Rousseau/PA

No one expects to be on holiday during the apocalypse.


It’s been nearly three years since I first turned up at Greenpeace International as a bright-eyed young intern, intent on saving the world one tweet at a time. I’ve learned some things since then.

Protest at the COP17 in 2011
  1. Climate change is complicated. Really complicated. It’s going to affect nearly every aspect of our lives on this planet. There isn’t one easy cure-all solution that will fix everything. But luckily there are a lot of brilliant people working on it.
  2. It is really hard to change people’s minds. Even when you have 97% of scientists on your side. People don’t like being told that they’re part of an enormous problem that’s very hard to solve. They like it even less when they realise that a serious upheaval is going to be needed to make it better.
  3. Activism comes in…

Chiara Milford

Sex, death, and planet Earth.

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