• Giulia Micozzi

    Giulia Micozzi

    Comic Sans still haunts my sleep

  • Maia Kahlke Lorentzen

    Maia Kahlke Lorentzen

    Organiser, tech-activist, mother, nerd and feminist. Based in Copenhagen.

  • Ibrahim Elawadi

    Ibrahim Elawadi

    Data Advocate, Architect and Public Speaker. Working with data by day, and taking pictures of stars by night

  • Dunja Lazić

    Dunja Lazić

    I set out on a journey.

  • Merry Clark

    Merry Clark

    Author: “Stripping Down to the Bones” and “Waxing Pathetic” collectionsbymerry.com

  • Andrew Davies

    Andrew Davies

    I’m here to punctuate sentences and kick ass and Im all out of punctuation

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